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Virtual Laser keyboard
"Magic Cube"
Only €149.99

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The Celluon Magic cube Revolutionizes the way that PDAs and Smartphones are used, taking advantage of the unused computing power of such mobile devices, thus improving users ability to work more effectively on the go.

The compact sized VKB harnesses laser and infrared technology to project a full-size QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface for palmtop computer, PDA or mobile phone.

It is also integrated into mobile phones, with Siemens and Samsung having shown versions of the technology integrated into their phones at recent trade shows.

Who is it good for?

  • Business men/ women
  • Suppliers/ Invoice keepers
  • Students/ teachers
  • Tourists/ trekkers
  • High-tech employees
  • Lawyers/ accountants
  • Architects
  • Land surveyors/appraisers
  • Field engineers

    Virtual Laser keyboard
    "Magic Cube"
    Only €149.99

    Click To Buy!

  • Celluon PicoPro Projector

    This ultra-portable projector lets you share your imagination with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    Create a "Big Screen Experience" at your fingertips

    PicoPro is an ultra-portable, laser HD projector that puts a cinema in your pocket and a big screen experience at your fingertips.
    Go beyond the small screen to share movies, music videos, social media pictures or any content from your mobile devices anytime, anywhere with dual wireless or simple HDMI interfaces.
    This always-in-focus projector offers bold, bright colors and an always-in-focus, HD picture from a slim, lightweight projector. PicoPro – The real big deal in a tiny package.

  • Focus Free - The image is always in focus and easy to use! No focus wheel or optics required for a crystal clear images, regardless of distance to projected surface.

  • HD+ Video (1920 x 720P) - With a contrast ratio of 80,000:1, the Pico-Pro delivers amazing clarity and vivid images with digitally enhanced upscaling of the 1280 x 720P source input resolution.

  • Long Battery Life: PicoPro can continuously display content for 3+ hours with a HDMI connection and 2+ hours with a wireless connection.

  • Connect Wirelessly or HDMI Direct Connection: Wirelessly connect to Mira-cast enabled Android and Windows devices. Connect any HDMI enabled device directly to the PicoPro (iOS device, Blue Ray player, etc).

  • Optimal in controlled lighting environments: Picture sharing at dinner, a portable movie theater, college dorm room big screen viewing, movie night with friends, sharing an extreme sports event, presentation preview with business colleagues, etc. Not recommend for daylight use!

  • HDMI & Miracast-enabled Wireless for Android devices. The PicoPro provides the flexibility to connect to almost any electronics device.

  • Miracast-enabled Android devices can connect wirelessly to the PicoPro.

  • microHDMI input enables connection to many phones, tablets, laptops and devices. (iOS devices require an Apple Lightning Adapter and HDMI A to D cable, both purchased separately)

  • Please be aware that some HDMI A to D Cables transmit data differently. For example, Insignia's HDMI A to D Cable microHDMI connector can only input data and is not configured to output data which is required for the PicoPro. If you need recommendations on a cable please contact our Customer Support Team.

    PicoPro is an ultra-portable projector that puts a cinema in your pocket.

    This mobile projector lets you create a big screen experience from the smallest of devices: anytime, anywhere. Bright and Vibrant colors

    Courtesy of a 80,000:1 contrast ratio and 16.7 million colors, the PicoPro generates an extraordinarily vivid picture. High Definition Resolution

    1920 x 720p custom HD resolution packs in more pixels than a standard 720p image.

  • 1/2” Thickness, Ultra Portable

  • Infinite Focus, No need for manual focus adjustment

  • HD Resolution: 1920 X 720p at 16:9 wide screen

  • 1.3 Throw Ratio, Large screen size from a short distance

  • HDMI / Miracast / DLNA, Easy wired & wireless solution (All in one)

  • Built-in Battery: 2+ hours for on-the-go, 3+ hours for cabled

  • Noise Free: Ultra quiet during operation

  • 80,000:1 Contrast Ratio, Bright & vivid colors

  • Celluon PicoPro
    Only €599.99
    Click To Buy!

    PicoPro is an ultra –portable, laser high definition projector that is something that can change your movie or anything else watching experience forever. It is for those who want to live big and don’t like small screens. The PicoPro is connected with the cell phone easily. It can be used with wirelessly or with cable. If you have got some high definition videos that you want to see on large screen the PicoPro is something that you should possess. The most unbelievable thing about the PicoPro ultra-portable, laser high definition projector is that it fits easily in the front pocket of your shirt. You don’t need to carry a large heavy projector anywhere you go so that you can watch something fun. The age when people carried large projectors is gone for good, thanks to the PicoPro and similar projectors that are the saviors of the modern generation.

    The applications of PicoPro are many and it can be used in many places. It can be used while in office to show Power Point Presentations, Word files and many more. The applications of this projector for a person working in the office are many and he/she also gets credit for being extra smart in technology. The battery works for approximately 2 hours while on wireless and for 3 hours while using cables and that is more than enough time for a person to demonstrate a presentation or a document in the office.

    Now let us talk about how you can use PicoPro projector while at your home. You can use it to watch any movie or relive the past by watching some videos or play videos that are online and many more. Whenever you plan to watch a movie and want to watch it in High definition that you know what you should use. PicoPro is easy to use and you can even teach your 7 year old kid how to use it for watching movies or anything else.

    PicoPro also works well with personal computer or laptop. You can use it to enlarge your computer screen while you are gaming if you love gaming or you can do anything else that you want to do. The PicoPro uses laser as the light source and there is no need to adjust focus. You just have to point it in the right direction and the projector does the rest. It is amazing how easy life can be with great technology. One more thing is that the brightness is also very uniform across the surface on which you use the projector. The projector stays cool while using so that you also stay cool and enjoy without worrying about heating problems. Projectors use fan to cool themselves but PicoPro stays cool and that makes it noise free and also extends the battery life of the product. This projector is nothing that any other projector can come close to in terms of performance and portability. It is called ultra-portable for a reason because it simply is ultra-portable.

    Now let us discuss what you get along with the projector if you order it from Celluon. The package includes the power adapter, an HDMI-to-micro-HDMI cable, MHL cable with a separate adapter for Samsung phones and a USB cable. The package also includes a soft carrying pouch and a stand that serves the same purpose as a small tripod.

    The PicoPro surpasses all the expectations of its consumers and it is something that the gadget collectors are crazy for. PicoPro is something that once you try for yourself then you recommend it to anyone you meet. The projector of course works great in the dark but you can also use it in afternoon or day light and the screen will be easily watchable from your eyes. Once you think about the size of this product then you will be very easily impressed by the level of brightness this projection has. PicoPro is also available in an affordable and fair price which adds to the benefits of buying the product. It can be paired up with laptops, desktops, mobiles, gaming devices and any HDMI enabled devices. So if you have finished reading then what are you waiting for buy yours now or do you still like the small screen.

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